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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hand knitted gifts favors...flowers and champagne bottles

By emy Friday, April 10, 2009
If you have been reading and following our blog for a while, it may be inveitable for one to form the assumption that we are only into knitting garments such as baby dresses, little boys' sweaters or jackets, little girl tops, ladies tops such as tube tops, halterbacks, long sleeved blouses or sleeveless tops alike and men's vest (s) and sweater (s).

But we are not called The Handiworks for nothing -- sometimes, we do create small fun stuff. It's just that we don't knit or crochet them as often due to the amount of shaping, seams to sew and the numerous tail ends to tuck in.

Jenny's one such person that I really must take my hat off to.

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At one point, she decided to make some small gifts for her colleagues.

hand crochet rosette bouquet with leaves

Isn't the crocheted flower bunch lovely? Guess the number of tail ends we have to deal with.

miniature knitted flowers as wedding favors

She did 4 such lovely creations for her female colleagues.

wedding crochet favour champagne bottle and roses bouquet

And for her male colleague, we decided that the crocheted flower bouquet is too feminine, hence a knitted champagne bottle. Isn't it cute?

The best part? These items work as great favors too!

*The answer is at least 15 tails per bouquet!
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