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Friday, April 28, 2006

"Wow, did you really knit this?"

By emy Friday, April 28, 2006
That was the first comment FeliciaW's boyfriend made last Sunday evening when he received the birthday package from her and unwrapped it. He has least expected this as FeliciaW has artfully concealed the secret of her knitting attempt.

guy hand knitted stripe sweater

He was looking for the clothes label; thinking that the sweater is store bought -- until FeliciaW gently directed him to the label she made.
counting stitches
Yes, FeliciaW even made a count of the number of stitches for the entire sweater!

His next observation, "Errh, I thought all hand knitted sweaters are very holey and the colors very gaudy & loud?!"

Hmm...some stereotypes and perceptions never die. Maybe it's time for us to go out knitting & crocheting all the hip & slinky garments in our silettos and mini skirts?

In fact, she had to pull out her colorful variegated knit (the pouch-to-be for her best friend) to work a few stitches to prove that she could *indeed* knit. FeliciaW also showed him her blog chronicle of the entire knitting experience. His eyes watered.

After recovering from his temporary dumbfoundedness, he quickly put on the sweater as a sign of appreciation.

happy handknit gift recipient
An obligatory shot so that we all can see how well it fits!

In fact, her boyfriend Alan, the ever so endearing guy [I wonder how he would react to having me use that term on him!] even suggests that FeliciaW should knit another matching sweater for herself! A HIS & HER sweater!

He's also offered to pay for the yarns! How sweet... (FeliciaW, this is *officially* on record for the world to see.) I thought his reciporal should be knitting a sweater for her but FeliciaW thought that'll be too cruel to him.

So from her very first lesson on Jan 23, it's exactly 3 months of knitting for her to complete her first men's sized sweater for Alan.

Judging her boyfriend's reaction, "hand knitting this surprise sweater is all worth the effort."
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