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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Our crocheted hand bouquet featured in Style Weddings Mar 2011!

By emy Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Sometime ago, Style Weddings magazine editorial Senior Art Director contacted me and mentioned that he had plans to do a hand bouquet spread that features craft materials ala Martha Stewart style. He was keen to have a crochet bouquet featured and asked if I would be interested?


I just jumped at the opportunity!

It is featured in the current Mar - Jun 2011 of Style Weddings -- distributed by MediaCorp.

Style Weddings 2011

Wanna see the bouquet?

hand crochet wedding bridal rosettes bouquet

Isn't the photography and styling simply gorgeous?

Before you get all excited about wanting to order this, please do note that the man hours or labour totals at least 60 hours from start to finish -- actual crochet, seaming and tucking of tails, stemming of the stalks individually, moulding as well as pulling the entire bouquet together.

Just a little background to this bouquet
  • It is made up of a min. of 20 stalks of roses or rosettes with a mix of 2 colors.
  • All rosettes are hand crocheted individually using quality 100% cotton.
  • To make this bouquet more realistic, there is a mix of several sizes.

Everything comes up to a substantial number when we factor in the materials costs, especially the yarns (by now, if you have read our other blog entries, you would know that we are very fastidious about the quality of the yarns we use -- no shedding, no pilling nor furring.)

So we would really encourage that you consider joining our knitting / crochet lessons to learn how to do this if you would like to create similiar for your own dream wedding, Sharing is sexy

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