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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Restart completed!

By emy Tuesday, February 15, 2011
An oxymoron -- the title, that is.

But just in case you readers wonder if our customers ever get around to finishing their ripped back knitting/crochet projects, they actually do.

Take Jenny's case for example.

You might be wondering what happened to that crochet/knitting hybrid summer tank top project she started back in 2009, then ripped back to be re-worked when she wasn't satisfied.

Here's an almost complete WIP shot last September.

DIY hand crochet knitting class singapore

Where the crochet motifs and knitting meets, the crinkiness will always be there. Until you give the finished item a good wash and iron press.

The ladies joked that Jenny has gotten the *perfectionist bug* from me -- that's why you will see her sometimes with WIPs ready to be ripped back should the slightest hint of imperfection shows!

But hey, that's how one improves their work isn't it?

So here it is. All in its glory!

teaching knitting crochet summer ladies tank top singapore

Sometimes, the ladies struggle to strike a balance between intricate lace knitting and wearability. If there is an all over lace, then the garment is likely not appropriate for office wear (unless you dorn a camisole but even then, some offices will frown upon that.)

But if asked to do plain knitting, we all groan and moan at the thought of mindlessness. Not that it's bad but the end state just seems so faraway.

However, for this sleeveless tunic, given that the crochet motifs and modest eyelets placement are below waist, this tunic can be easily worn to office without raising anyone's eyebrows. I personally like this too!

PS. Did I mention that we came up with this pattern design? Sharing is sexy

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