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Friday, June 02, 2006

The Handiworks Knitting Ad

By emy Friday, June 02, 2006

Edited to add:
Below is my full-length knitting/crochet coaching advertising post in some portals.
I have noted a similar summarized ad put up by another person (sometime 2011) offering knitting and crochet services.  So to avoid any confusion, please note that the sign-off should be by Emy (aka your knitting/crochet enabler) and you can contact me at handworks@gmail.com for any further clarification.


* Wanted to learn to knit but find it difficult to learn techniques from books?
* Been knitting for several years but still have yet to learn any mistake fixing techniques so you just end up ripping back relentlessly?
* Haven't had the confidence to read the pattern sheets well enough to do your own yarn selection?
* Actually ripped and re-knitted a project several times as there is something very wrong with the pattern (or just the very fact that it's not for your body shape) but you just cannot figure out how to correct the errors or alter the fit?
* Ever knitted a garment, get totally excited that it's finally finished but gawk in horror when you realize it does not fit your intended recipient or yourself at all?

Well, we've all been through these one time or another. But now, here's an opportunity for you to have your very own-custom-to-fit classes in both knitting and crochet.

We offer private individual lessons that range from:
- basic to advanced knitting and crochet
- pattern reading
- stitch reading & mistake fixing (yes, you need to read your own stitches so that you know when mistakes are made)
- pattern customization to fit (everyone's body shape is different)

Find out how some of our students manage to create (all clickable links below):

You don't have to take my word for it. You can check out http://thehandiworks.blogspot.com where we chronicle our customers' learning journeys and experiences!

Interested? Lessons are conducted at my cosy residence and you can contact me at handworks@gmail.com to make preview arrangements.

For enquiries, please email me at handworks@gmail.com -- this is the only listing that I do on this site and I am not associated with other similar affiliations. :)

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