Our 16 Oct 2016 (Sun) @10am free course preview is now open for registration!

Emy, Your Knitting & Crochet Enabler

My mainstream focus is to instruct, enable and guide you to understand what knitting or crocheting is about.

Furthermore, I would like to empower you so that you know how to read the pattern instructions (be it charts or line by line written instructions) as well as knowing how to fix your own basic mistakes; know the hows and whys -- not just knit 5 rows, just because the pattern said so. I'll spend time with you to ensure that you achieve the most ergonomic postures and handling so that you don't tire yourself out easily or work the wrong muscles, straining your arms or back in the progress. Sometimes just a tiny change to the way you hold your needles make a huge difference in your ease of knitting too!

I'll like you to enjoy knitting and crochet; to discover the beauty and satisfaction of completing a finished project with just your needles and yarn. You don't have to worry about rushing; so you schedule your lessons whenever you need to pick up more techniques. There is also no need to jostle or try to vie for attention as our lessons are set up in a private setting to ensure you can learn at an optimal and unhurried pace.

That's why I love my job. And I'll love to share this with you.

So please choose your knitting/crochet enabler wisely.