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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Finished crochet projects!

By emy Saturday, April 29, 2006
There are a few ladies who are picking up crochet at the moment.

For Jenny who has been a 10+ yrs knitter, crochet has always fascinated her except for one major deterrent -- Jenny is left handed and couldn't find anyone who could teach her crochet the left-handed way. Until she came to us, that is.

singapore left hand crocheter

During the group class last Sunday, Jenny completed her very first crocheted project.

hand crocheted hello kitty amigurumi doll
Watashi wa Hello Kitty desu ("My name is Hello Kitty.")

This cute little crochet doll had everyone patting it on its head and giving it a hug. A great leap ahead for Jenny since she picked up crochet in the beginning of Mar & had 2 weeks of no action due to work travelling commitments.

And of course, this entry wouldn't be complete without the mention of Leena.

You all witnessed her progress last Sunday during the class. On Tuesday morning, I received an SMS from Leena saying that she ripped back one side of the completed sleeve the previous night (or rather 1AM Tuesday morning itself, to be precise!)* as she found the bind off to be way looser than the other side. I thought she'll take another week to complete it.

Boy, I am so wrong!

On Tuesday 3pm when I met her, this is what I saw.

white lacy hand crochet bridal shrug
The shrug is all completed! Gawk!

So all this shrug took her is from:
Apr 09 -- the day she learnt how to crochet and read the pattern chart simultaneously while executing the stitches to
Apr 25 -- Tuesday, where it's all completed; with just some ends to be tucked in. 
All in just 16 days!

Wanna see another photo?

learn crochet bridal gifts in Singapore
Some of the other ladies are already resorting to asking me if Leena works at all. I do assure all of you -- she does work. I believe Leena's progress moves along much further as she carries her projects everywhere with her. [I spied her tote bag the other day; it's being regularly *upsized* to contain her various projects for the go!]
But in all fairness, I have to mention that the yarn gauge for her shrug is pretty manageable as the yarn used is much thicker than what's called for. We did a mini swatch for tension testing and re-worked the pattern chart so that she could use the yarn she liked. 

It looks like there'll be more crochet projects in the works soon!
* In case anyone's wondering, here at The Handiworks, we all are much like friends so SMSes or emails back & forth to send quick progress updates and ask quick questions are pretty normal around here. In fact, some of us chat on MSN messenger or Google at times! [grin]
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