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Monday, April 30, 2007

All in the name of kids

By emy Monday, April 30, 2007
Kids hold so much charm that most of us, at one time or another, would have knitted/crocheted a baby or toddler garment either as gifts or for their own.

The idea to knit for them is very appealing from many aspects:-
1. As babies and kids are small, so are the garments. Hence the faster to knit and finish.

2. Babies and toddlers are color neutral. So as a knitter, you just go wild with the color combinations that you might never use for yourself. *Think shocking fuschia.*

3. Babies and toddlers aren't as demanding when it comes to shape. So a simple boxy cut does well in most instances.

4. With their smooth and buttery soft skin, you get to knit with the finest quality yarn possible so that any chance of allergies and irritations are eliminated. *Think bamboo, silk blends, linen etc.*

5. Oh, did I mention again that with big yarns and needles, a mini baby top is just a couple hours of work?

Here's some of the items that are completed recently.

Remember this baby jacket?

hand knit cotton baby jacket

completed this toddler jacket sometime Aug last year and with the remaining yarn, casted on for a pair of matching baby tube socks.

hand knit baby tube socks

Tube socks being tube socks look just like that, until the baby slips their feet into them. (I know, they look like mittens too...so that's dual use!)

On the other hand, Serene just emailed me the irresistably cute photos of her gals in
those mini shrugs. Ready for the divas?

knit frilly mini shrug

Amanda is very obliging and certainly very photogenic. She looks so incredibly comfortable and at ease in front of the camera!

crochet toddler capelet

In fact, she even allowed for a back shot!

knit toddler lacy bolero

Ashley is so angelic looking in that pink shrug.
Intan also worked hard on her gal's project.

seaming knit dress

And it was finished last week!

knit toddler sundress
Isn't it adorable?

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