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Friday, April 20, 2007

Bags are a girl's best friends

By emy Friday, April 20, 2007
Hands up for those of you who love your bags! I do -- in fact, I might have inherited my bag addiction from my mom who shops for bags regularly.

Crochet bags are must-have items for craft hobbyists like us. So here's some that the ladies have crocheted.

Jenny created this piece as a gift for her sister.

variegated boxy crochet bag
Isn't the color gorgeous?
Her sister is apparently very appreciative of the time and effort Jenny puts into her crafts -- there is the crochet shrug previously too. In return, she also presented Jenny with a new Crochet Bags pattern book recently.

Leena also crocheted a similar boxy styled tote.

crochet carry tote

It's so chic and stylish and the color choice makes one think a second look. In fact, it's so roomy that A4 sized books fit in nicely!

Jenny then completed crocheting a bag recently for herself.

sari silk crochet bag

This time, out of the irresistibly, unique Sari Silk yarn coupled with a strand of cotton. Isn't it eye-catching?

Linda was also keen to try her hand at crochet but it was a clutch bag she eyed.

crochet clutch bag

Originally, the bag was a sling carry bag but as usual, with some slight modifications, a clutch bag is created! And it was pretty quick work for her too! It was like just barely over a weekend when she pronounced it all ready to rock and roll!

This must be the latest trend -- at least one crochet bag each? I must do a count and see how many we have created to date! Sharing is sexy

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