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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hints of knitting and crochet in a wedding

By emy Thursday, April 19, 2007
If you had followed our entries, you might have recalled that our Speed Goddess, Leena took her wedding wows last Dec. So I thought we'll show you some of the pictures of the knitting and crochet projects that were part of her wedding.

In true Singapore fashion, there's an angbao box at the reception table -- contrary to using wedding registries, most wedding banquet guests generally give angbaos (red packets) so that the cash can be better utilized by the wedding couple. Leena dressed up the box with a chic crochet rosette that she mastered during
our crochet class while her friend helped by adding some finishing touches.

crochet ang bao box

knitted bride and groom doll toys

She also knitted up a pair of bride and groom dolls in preparation of her wedding. There was quite a bit of finishing work as there is quite a lot of parts to sew. The doll couple took the vantage spot on bonnet of their wedding car.

hand knit wedding doll couple on car

This photo was from their outdoor photo shoot.
hand knit cable men vest lace dress
All photos above: Courtesy of Volans Couture, their bridal studio

If you are wondering why I put up this photo, do take a closer look. Both their garments are handknitted by Leena!

Her hubby was wearing the vest that was Leena's first knitting project -- yup, that project that
took her merely 7 weeks! And on her was the dress that she finished sometime back in July. And there was the other dress that she finished early Dec in time for her wedding. She wore both dresses for her tea ceremonies in the day too!
A few of us got invited to her wedding too.

knitters gathering

And being *law-abiding citizens*, we all adhered to the "knitting/crochet dress code". Joanne was supposed to be in the photo too but she had to rush off earlier to go check out a newly-delivered baby!

Two weeks ago, Leena dropped by and showed us a chic way of wearing her halter dress, paired up with jeans.

knit halter dress
Doesn't she look smashing?
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