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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Knitting for others

By emy Saturday, December 16, 2006
The gals have been indulgent of late -- knitting for others is something I always feel is a reflection of a knitter's love for their recipient.

Susan was here a few days ago and showed me the finished product.

This is one crochet bag that she rushed out for her daughter. As the story goes, her daughter selected this pattern and wanted Mom to crochet it for her. Of course, Susan obliges.

The minute the bag was finished; her daughter brought it to school immediately and told her classmates that her mom made it for her! I am sure Susan is really pleased too! What more can you ask from such an appreciative recipient?

Louise also wanted to give her friend a "hug gift" who was heading into a surgery. So a quick and easy gift, it will be.

She's working on it earnestly.

With humongous 12mm needles and 2 strands of yarn held together, you can imagine how fast the project went!

Ready for the project that has just taken Louise barely over the weekend to finish?

The poncho met the following requirements:
- a fast project: took her only 2 days.
- an easy pattern: it's just knit and purl; so she never misses her spot!
- with the 2 strands and huge needles, the openweave looks pretty.
and most importantly, really portable.

It turned out so well that Louise decided that her best pal will also be receiving a similar gift!

Jenny also gifted her sister with this:

From what I heard, Jenny's sister really liked the shrug a lot and is toting it around to brave the powerful aircon malls and MRT rides.

Knitting for others can be rewarding! Sharing is sexy

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