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Thursday, May 10, 2007

When knitting is all that matters

By emy Thursday, May 10, 2007
A lot of people I know don't quite *get* my interest in knitting. Apart from being intrigued, their usual response is "Oh, I don't have time for knitting. Can you knit xxx (you can fill in the blanks -- a vest, a sweater or a tank top etc) for me instead?"

The other group would go "Wow, why do you bring your knitting everywhere you go? Do you really have time to knit in public at all?"

The first group rationalizes that their busy schedules do not allow them in indulge. The second group assumes that we are going overboard with our knitting hobby.

Sometimes it's really hard to explain to these friends and acquaintances that knitting is not just a craft hobby for me, but rather the act of knitting really is part of my lifestyle. Just as eating and drinking; knitting and crochet is a daily activity which I partake and enjoy immensely.

But these ladies understand...

beginner knitter

Lynn is getting over her awkwardness of her left-handedness and progressing smoothly. So much so that she has planned to start both the sleeves for her cardi on her Cambodia holiday trip.

singapore expat knitting hobby

Stefanie is moving along on her black yarn project; she's now convinced that knitting in the daytime would be less strenous with all that patch of black!

seaming cross-over top

Linda was seaming up her mandarin red project.

seamed low front tank

All that was left after the seaming was the collar work.

private knitting group in Singapore
And we just all kept knitting....
Sharing is sexy

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