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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Slow blog entries, fast knitting project completions!

By emy Thursday, May 17, 2007
The title says it all. Although we're way behind on our blog entries, we've got quite a few winners that have crossed the finish line with their knitting projects.

Linda finished her knitted cross-over top.

cross over tank top

This is taken pre-washing so there'll be some blocking work to be done at the front cross-over is actually seamed to reduce excess inner fabric layer where the overlap is.

Chai Bee also had this funky knitted coverup completed -- a mini twisted circular shrug knitted using ribbon yarn that was just barely over 2 balls' worth.

twisted knit shrug

You can tell she really likes the ease of the shrug by the way she casually slips it onto her shoulders after the lesson.

mobius mini capelet

Then there was the group classes during the weekends.

Singapore knitters gathering

where there were lots of finishing activities going on.

Chai Bee had her ribbony top done up, with seaming and trimming work to do.

ribbon railroad off shoulder shell tank

Isn't the ribbon yarn texture wonderful? It's so terry towel-like; really cushy and delightful next to the skin.

ribbon yarn closeup

Then there was more seaming....

Lace top seaming

As she whipped out project #2 - the sexy little number. She then proceeded to work on the crochet edging...

reverse crab stitch crochet edging

Before she got all the pieces joined up with the straps to go.

sexy low back lace knit top

Jenny joined in the seaming party as she needed some pointers on how to attach the corners invisibly.

Lotus Blossom seaming

There! All finished?

Lotus Blossom finished

To show you how meticulous she is with her finishing work, here's one that Jenny took when Lotus Blossom Tank (the project from Interweave Knits [IK]) went through one wash.

IK 2006 Lotus blossom summer knit

And you can see that we have adjusted the pattern all over to ensure a flattering fit on Jenny.

Leena also brought her hoodie vest along to work on the hood attachment. Contrary to typical designs that requires you to knit the hood separately and then seam together -- this one requires short rowing to improve the fit around the neck region.

hood short rowing

Louise finally finished her fibbonaci top and we got to work on neatening the armholes and neckline immediately.

armholes crochet

She has lost a bit of weight since she began this project so I went to on do some alteration to make the fit better.
summer knit fitted shell
So let's hear what Louise has to say about her project after wearing it!

Of course we also had a bit of distractions going on....the savoury kind -- it was Jenny's birthday and we bought a chocolate cake to celebrate!

What a great way to end the class! Sharing is sexy

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