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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hit by speedsters!

By emy Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Even though Leena's been lamenting about her slow progress of late, she is seriously far more ahead in terms of the number of FOs compared to moi.
group knitting class in Singapore

She started the pattern from VK Spring/Summer 07.
fishnet lace knitting

And in just barely 2 months, she has gotten it completed.
finished spaghetti lace top

This is another simultaneous project she was working on
(I did mention previously that she's also a regular multi-tasker eh?)-- isn't the ribbon yarn pretty?
wide ribbon lace capelet

We were deliberating between making it a skirt or a capelet. A really tough choice since it's pretty either way. I adore those colors!

Then she finally also got around to seaming up the lace top.

lace low back sexy knit top

Ta da!
eyelet lace knitted top

It's the same one as Chai Bee has knitted.
hand knit lace summer top

We also had
new speed queens onboard.Jill, who is at the moment, faceless on this blog -- started a simple chic sleeveless tank top. And she pretty much finished it in just 3 weeks! An FO photo is really in order. Her number 3 project is this lace pattern that she is working in the round with this bamboo variegated yarn.
hand knitted lace bamboo top

Jill knits for herself, Jamie is one who loves knitting for others.
Singapore knitting newbie

She's our latest knitting fanatic. Her first project is one meant for her other half.
hand knit first project 4 ply cotton vest

Can you make a guess on the time she took?

cotton v neck summer vest

An extremely breathtaking speed of 4 weeks!

We're talking about a lady who works 9 to 5 professionally! I am just so impressed with her persistence! In case you are wondering, she also has knitted up several projects and is now in the midst of 2 sweaters! More photos next....

Actually, going by the number of FOs we have from the various ladies, there's enough photos for me to even write up
individual blog entries for them! There's more from Chai Bee, Jenny and Leena (including Susan, who does an occasional blog appearance) -- continual knitting is the common thread!It's just a wonderful thing to be able to slow down our pace a little in this hectic world and create something with our hands, don't you agree? Sharing is sexy

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