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Monday, March 16, 2009

Knitters sightings in Singapore...our unity in strength!

By emy Monday, March 16, 2009
After seeing the photos of hand knitting or crochet projects in varying states of completion, some must have wondered if there are that many -- current or new, in Singapore.

The truth is, aplenty.

Want proof?
Here are some lesson shots.

knitting group class

learning to knit casual

knitting and learning to read knitting instructions

As you can see, most of our average 3 persons and no more but occasionally, we may have 2 ladies coming in for the same session. Yes, and there are always new faces as we have people joining us throughout the year.

new to learn knitting in singapore
The gals are camera-shy so a back shot it is.

It has to be a ladies' thing to come together and knit, chit-chat etc. Sometimes we even do early Sunday sessions so that we can have breakfast together prior to lesson start. (Sorry guys, we don't accept male students at this time.) That's why we do end up with some rare times where we have 4 ladies or even more!

intensive knitting

leisure knitters enjoying gathering

But seriously, 6 persons is just about as large a size we can manage -- beyond that, it just simply gets too noisy & distracting and everyone ends up not being able to concentrate much on their knitting.

Knitting is often the de-facto activity in such group settings although we do have exceptions. Remember the crochet class we did?

I hoped the gals enjoyed it as thoroughly as I did.


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