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Friday, December 16, 2005

Another home run!

By emy Friday, December 16, 2005
Remember Grace? She was here earlier today to finish up her boyfriend's sweater. Here's her very first knitting project. Completed and in all its glory...

I should have placed an object like a mug next to it for scale. BUT believe me, it's huge! (Her boyfriend is a 1.8m tall guy with long limbs. It stopped short at her knees when she held it against herself.)

This ought to fit him well as she brought one of his shirts in for the custom-fit sessions where we took the measurements. (That's how I discovered his sleeves need to be longer than average; he's probably lanky.) Besides, this sweater is definitely one-of-its-kind as we designed it from scratch.
So here is this... big congratulations to Grace for successfully knitting up such a fine gauge (read: 7 sts to an inch) sweater for her boyfriend in just under THREE (3) months too! 

See, these ladies (including Wendy) are just great role models....they do not procrastinate, they are very focused, single-minded etc, etc, etc -- you get the idea. And they are certainly appreciating the concept of *fine* knits.

I told Grace if she fails to bring back a photo of him wearing the abovementioned sweater; a tear-stained hanky can be considered as a gesture of his *tears of joy*. [grin]

And so you'd think she's all tired out by now...

double stranded hand knitted scarf cast on

She decided that she needed something to keep her hands busy on her 16 hour flight from Singapore to the US. And so, a matching scarf knitted with double strands make for a quick knit! By the time she's leaving my apartment, she's got 6 rows knitted already! Her timeline: before January 02 or thereabouts, before she returns home. 

Grace was inspired by Joey who came earlier in the week, wanting to learn to knit a winter cap. 

Joey's been busy with work and we're glad that despite that, she's been consistently knitting of late on her first scarf project. And so, off we go...the winter cap knit in the round. With stripes too!

casting on for beanie

See? No dpns!
(Joey's a smiley person... you'll like her!)
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