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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Getting onto the crochet bandwagon

By emy Wednesday, May 26, 2010
If you think Edith is the only one hooked on crochet, well, that's where you might be surprised to know that crochet has been in the spotlight of late.

The new ladies joining us, like Gaia, Lynn, Angie and Mercedes etc are all into the crochet mode. I really have to say that all of them signed up as they preferred the prospect of learning within a private intimate and cosy environment setting at my residence as opposed to being placed in a knitting shop where they have to be instructed in plain sight of shoppers milling in and out of the shop. (Different strokes for different people, I guess.) I personally preferred to coach individually as the many sessions I have gone through with customers have proven that the learning outcome is far greater as I can customize the learning pace for better skill absorption.

Here's Mercedes with her first crochet project during her second private lesson. [In case you are wondering, I am sometimes so busy with instructional activity during our sessions that phototaking is not possible, especially with first lessons!]

beginner crochet class Singapore

And if she's looking preggie, she indeed is. *smile*

crochet square flag banners for baby shower idea

If you look closely, you can see some interesting activity going on with this crochet piece. This is a project planned for her wee one so I am not going to spoil the surprise for this one.

On the other hand, Lynn, like the rest of the ladies, opted for the adult wearables route. She is very much smitten by the fantabulous spider shrug that Leena crocheted back in 2006 that had many going ga-ga over. WIPs and FOs by the other ladies can be found here, here and here. [And I bet there are a couple more that I haven't tagged here.]

The ladies: Leena, Chai Bee and Jenny also have some crochet action going on. I'll tell you more the next time! Sharing is sexy

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