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Friday, July 17, 2009

Crochet continues

By emy Friday, July 17, 2009
Remember Edith?

Since the slippers she crocheted the last time, she has also started 2 more projects for her wee one.

hand crochet basic toddler shrug

joining shrug in crochet singapore

I am not sure if it's obvious but it's a shrug she's crocheting.

Edith decided to make a shrug for her little gal as she's outgrowing the cardigan she's been wearing. And she decided on this yarn when she saw how lovely Leena's capelet turned out.

This was her fourth project but given the simple shaping, she worked on it really quickly. And now, it's already at joining stage with ruffles to give this project a more girly glam look.

little girl crochet summer dress

She also started a crochet dress for her gal. Isn't the green a lovely shade?

Besides, we figured that both projects are very wearable locally here in Singapore -- the variegated yarn is a bamboo yarn while this green dress is 100% cotton. And both yarns stand up to crochet work really well.

Crochet must be infectious as I am putting my own knitting aside to embark on my own crochet quest too.
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