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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melissa and Melissa

By emy Tuesday, July 28, 2009
We just had another Melissa join us.

singaporean crochet beginner

She's Melissa F. She has been learning knitting for the last 2 months and when she came to us, she wanted to learn how to crochet.

The reason?

She bought a pattern book mistaking the project she liked as a knitting pattern. She only realized it's a crochet project when she got home.

Anyway, she is doing quite well with the progress and is planning to get a knitted project started for her sister.

As for Melissa Q (seen here), she's now progressing along to the color work.

knitting with colorwork
This, I kid you not -- the actual color areas!

This isn't quite a portable project at the moment as she needs to refer to the chart constantly as well as handle the various yarn bobbles -- winding yarn butterflies didn't work as we needed larger amounts; the ziplock bags seem to work better at holding the yarns in place.

I can't wait to see the WIPs!
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