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Friday, July 10, 2009

A great crowd of knitters and crocheters!

By emy Friday, July 10, 2009
We had a group class last Sunday. The knitting & crochet babes came in for a session of catching up, chit-chat and snacks.

beginner knitter Singapore

Here's Melissa. She's new in knitting and has just joined us.

experienced crafters

And of course, Chai Bee and Leena also came along. Both of them were focused on getting a crochet flower pattern right while Francisca looks on her own project notes.

Singapore knitting group class

If you are wondering why Yvette and Louise are staring in the space on the right, there's a little toddler (Yvette's son) that I couldn't squeeze into the frame. He's such a charmer!

Various projects are shared and discussed. Oohs and aahs around when finished projects are shown (especially Jenny's!) and sheepish confessions of those where there are serious lags in the progress department.

Everyone enjoyed the session tremendously!
Sharing is sexy

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