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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crochet in trend

By emy Tuesday, May 12, 2009
2009 is the year of crochet it seems. 7 out of 10 mag put out by the Japanese publishers are crochet-related.

We have Edith who just joined us last month to learn crochet.

learning crochet in Singapore

She has an ambitious plan -- she bought two online patterns for crocheted slippers. She planned to make something for her daughter and herself.

The irony?

Edith's mom also does crochet. But like Leena's mom, she much prefers to have Edith learn her crochet from someone else.

It was a steep learning curve for her, given the intense shaping of the slippers project she chose as her first one to start with.

But I have to say that the satisfaction is sweet.

hand crocheted soles for bedroom slippers

That's a photo for scale for both her daughter's and hers. As usual, my photos are quite crap so I am awaiting Edith's photos of her finished projects.

Sharing is sexy

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