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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hand created teapot cozies & mug huggers

By emy Sunday, May 10, 2009
When we think teapot cozy, they look like this:

hand knitted garden scene teapot cosy

Being English, Louise loves to indulge in her cuppa whenever possible. This is a garden-themed teapot cosy or teapot warmer that she knitted to complement her teapot. And to make the tea cosy more befitting of the theme, we also adorned it with some crocheted flowers.

I am sure it's a great conversation piece.

In fact, Louise isn't the first person to think of this. Sometime back, Jamie told me of her plans to gift her best friends with the Japanese tea set.

The challenge though is: how can she personalize the set?
Apart from just being ceramic white, there isn't much one can do.

But we found just one key area that we can overcome...how to insulate and rein in the heat, while making cup holding bearable. We also needed to ensure that the teapot warmer and cup huggers can be removed for easy washing.

If you have been using Japanese tea cups, you will notice that they can sometimes be scorching hot to hold when you do your first pour.

Hence, this teapot warmer and cup hugger set design:

crochet multi color tea set cozy

If you think doing one set is challenging, Jamie told me that she enjoyed it so much that she bought set #2 for another friend as well!

hand crochet free from self-design coffeepot cozy and

As you can see from both sets, we have used completely different crochet patterns and designs. As for the pattern source? There is none as we did free-style crochet but here are some general steps we went through.

  1. Jamie set out to select the color schemes to match her friends' interior decor.
  2. Then we looked at some crochet magazine for inspirations and chose the appropriate yarns for the look we wanted to achieve.
  3. Then I worked out the needed shaping to ensure a snug fit for both the teapots and cups.
  4. Jamie had the honor of doing the crochet work.

Japanese tea cup wool warmer hugger set

Are we both happy and satisfied with the results? Absolutely!

The colors and yarns chosen have added the much needed colors to the set, making them completely unique to their respective owners.

In fact, I am so inspired that I am deciding that my real quick FOs for this month shall be a set of crochet coasters for my brother's new home.
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