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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crochet as an edging technique

By emy Wednesday, May 13, 2009
There's Kayelene who started this cardigan project last year. It is the same pattern that Felicia did back in 2006 but with modifications. Kayelene decided on three-quarter sleeves instead of the full length ones.

simple ribbed cardigan VK pattern

The project got off a good start but got stalled for sometime as she went on maternity leave. As the project was started before her pregnancy, you can imagine her distress when she realized that the cardigan might end up being a tad too tight for her now.

crochet frill edging around cardigan

Hence, it is decided that we need to modify the edging a little so that we can add a little more width to the overall garment. The pattern which called for knitted frills edging just won't cut it. Luckily, this lady knew how to crochet.

crochet scallop trimming pattern

I then measured and worked out the additional width needed. Then it was calculation time as we needed to make sure that the crochet scallop edging is well optimized to fit all around the cardigan.

crochet scallop edging pattern close up

Isn't the pattern lovely?
If you are meticulous, you will notice one additional detail -- I made sure that each scallop falls within the vertical band pattern.

Vogue Knitting cotton cardigan

This is almost as good as it gets. I am waiting for Kayelene to send me the photos of the finished project soon! Sharing is sexy

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