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Friday, April 30, 2010

Single + Variegated = Striking eye-candy

By emy Friday, April 30, 2010
This is the outcome when you combine the use of single colored yarn with a variegated version in a similar color theme in a project. (If you are not sick of the earlier projects I blogged about here and here.)

color combining knitting

Sorry for the blurriness. I must have forgotten to hit the macro button when snapping this photo.

But I immediately compensated for this by taking another shot using flash and a wider angle.

basic knitting pattern for beginner

If you are sharp-eyed, you will notice that we have used 3 different yarns for this project. The yarn for the main body is an extremely luscious yarn that has a terry towel feel to it once knitted up.

Singapore hand knit drawstring pouch bag

This is a drawstring pouch that Gina intended to have as her daily lunch companion to hold her mobile, tissue and wallet -- that's a pretty Singaporean thing that we ladies here do right?

Isn't the pouch simply gorgeous? Sharing is sexy

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