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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ladies onboard with missions

By emy Saturday, October 28, 2006
When our customers approach us and sign up to take up knitting with us, most of them usually have some form of prior knitting or crochet experience.

Take Cecilia for example.

She has mostly shopped at the local yarn stores and basically is self-taught. Her motivation to join us was when she came by for a preview session where she saw the various pieces that is hand knitted by myself. But what most impressed Cecilia were the creations of the other customers and the skills they attained in the span of time they were with us.

Remember Louise?

She came for our Open House and literally signed on the spot, demanding that I start her very first lesson immediately the following week. Louise started her journey by knitting a poncho with some huge needles. And she wants to move on to being able to knit garments that she could well wear in Singapore's climate. Louise has been to some stores and found difficulties in communicating with some of the in-store instructors as they are not as conversant in the English written patterns that she preferred to use.

And she was certainly impressed with the cushy Top Soft yarn that we started her off with.

See this big stash?

This is for Shawn who is going to be relocating to London 2nd week of Nov. She is an exception -- she doesn't have any prior knitting experience and her MIL knitter is too far away in the States to be able to teach her.

Shawn has decided to start learning how to knit so that she could create hand knit pieces for her baby boy. Isn't that sweet?

Cotton is the main option since her boy has really sensitive skin. Shawn thus decided to build up her stash so that she doesn't have to go hunting for basic cottons later on. This stash ought to last her a few projects.

We've been having a couple of lessons at her place over the weekends so far (yes, we do conduct lessons at our customers' place upon request) -- all lessons are accelerated and jammpacked.

But Shawn is having great fun!
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