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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Incredible Knitting Feat!

By emy Thursday, April 06, 2006
Chai Bee also dropped by. She's gotten the back piece up to the point just below the armholes.

knitting armholes

See some grey bits? You'll see them better when she's got the piece completed.

Chai Bee is incredible, I tell you. Now, when she first met me, she is aghasted by the notion that one can knit and watch TV. She keeps insisting that it's already as challenging as it is to work the needles and yarn. Throw TV watching into the mix? She thinks I am MAD.

Note: FeliciaW and Leena does a lot of bus journey knitting whenever they get seats.

Now get this:
Last week, Chai Bee confesses that knitting is so fun and addictive. And it's beginning to be so automatic for her; she's watching TV. Not any channel English or Chinese...but the Korean drama series Da Chang Jin where she doesn't understand a word of Korean so she reads subtitles.


Read subtitles and knit (and getting that mastered in less than half a month?!) The next time, I'll have to master knitting in sleep to keep up with these girls!

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