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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Progress updates

By emy Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Several of the ladies dropped by over the weekend.

Felicia W. arrived and showed me the front piece she's now working on. She's learning to divide for the neck and we also did some gauge recalculations1 as her tension relaxed visibly by the time she started on her front piece.

men sweater with striped pattern on chest
Don't the stripes add so much more interesting visual contrast?
I love the way they look!

We'll need to do a bit more work when it comes to finishing to get rid of the extra length. But none would be the wiser when we are done with this project. (Well, except for you, the reader, since you read about it here.)

beginner knitter in Singapore

Leena also dropped by to learn how to work the armhole instructions of her hubby's vest. Learning must be second nature to her (she's a trainer by profession) as she picks up new techniques really quickly! In fact, cabling without the cable needle is what she has been doing since I showed her about 2 weekends ago.

concentrated knitting

In fact, she can't wait to start a second project for herself. And this time, she decided that she would want a project that fulfills the following criteria:
  • has sleeves (so that she can learn about working sleeves)
  • a garment with shaping (so that she can be kept on her toes)
  • NO to cables but YES to lacework (her current project is all about cabling)
So she ended up pattern browsing for the last 45mins at the end of her lesson. And she's going to be using this lovely shade of green that's a new yarn from Jaeger -- Jaeger Roma.

Jaeger Roma yarn
Yes, all that lovely pile of fibery goodness will go to her next project!

And you'll think she's the only one? No.
Jenny came over too. We spent some time assessing the crochet work she has done so far.

rip out crochet
Yup, and the frog2 came to visit.

Jenny does not hesitate when I informed her of the conclusion that ripping is required -- most of the others would probably have moaned and groaned. Perhaps because she has done knitting before and so she is aware that if any instructions are mis-interpreted or mis-worked, then ripping back is inveitable.

The more important issue though, as Jenny agrees, is to "to find out where the mistakes have occured, and why the mistakes have resulted" rather than "rip it because it's wrong." Not having the knowledge of "why" can be very frustrating at times for the knitter/crocheter. We spent a good 20 minutes or so to work through the various schematics so that Jenny understands the correct pattern reading and checking technique for left-handed crochet3.

She also learnt the proper toy stuffing technique so that her project does not end up lumpy. At the end of the day, she went away with 8 balls of cotton yarns which, upon her points redemption, costed her only S$26!

Catania cotton yarn in Singapore for sale
A lovely vibrant colored lot of yarns, isn't it?

1. For those not interested, it's just Maths. For those keen, that's quite some calculator punching we have to do with some good 'ole paper and pencil.
2. Frogging refers to ripping out of your work.
3. Left hand crochet is not difficult but it sure takes a left-hander to understand another!
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