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Friday, March 17, 2006

New student...another Boyfriend sweater?

By emy Friday, March 17, 2006
Here's another new knitter in the making. Chai Bee dropped by last Saturday and started with her first knitting lesson.

singapore learning to knit

As with everyone else, she had the project casted on and all ready to go by the time the lesson ends. But on Sunday, I received some SMS-es from her mentioning an extra stitch. Yes, we've gone hi-tech so the ladies could sms or email me their quick queries (provided it's something they can articulate clearly in a way that I can visualize the problem) and get their replies.

Beats having to travel all the way to my place only to find that the problem can be fixed in less than a minute! (But it really depends on the extent of the problem; sometimes, a pop-in is inveitable.)

Mind you, Chai Bee has got to amongst one of those staying furthest away -- she lives in the extreme Western part of Singapore. Felicia W. on the other hand, stays in the extreme East.

So just 3 days later on a Tuesday evening, I got to see Chai Bee again. Her progress is pretty fast as she was already up to 14 rows.

checking knitting close up

And as you can expect, we reviewed her work; found some stitches that were twisted (she has dropped them earlier and put them back on the needles, albeit in the wrong mounting direction). Generally, her work is pretty good. We just concentrated on getting her to learn and practiced some simple fixing techniques as part of her 2nd lesson.

repair knitting close up

What can I say? I'm pleased that everything is going smoothly for her. Sharing is sexy

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