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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dilemma: To knit or crochet?

By emy Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Sometimes, when it comes to crafting, it's always "too much crafts, not enough time".

In our case, it's always "too many projects, not enough hands".

Last week, Christine came over and she started knitting again. That project was put on hold for a while as she couldn't figure out the pattern repeats -- something made easier with the use of ring markers and a row counter. Of course, it also helped that I went through the pattern repeats with her line by line so she's fully aware and able to check where she is at.

knitting rather than crochet

Oh no, she didn't neglect her crochet though. See it in the background? There's a lot of darning and sewing at the moment so the knitting is a welcome distraction -- she knits while I help to darn the crocheted flowers. We're hoping to get it done by early April.

See, knitting and crochet activities are always happening here at The Handiworks, come rain or shine in Singapore!
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