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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Class formats - NEW!

By emy Tuesday, December 06, 2005
(Sep 21, 2013) Edited to add: 
This is updated to reflect the latest practices at The Handiworks.

Please do note that this site is about 8 years old now so we try where possible to keep our business framework relevant but if you see inconsistencies, please do highlight it. 

[This class format is no longer available.]

As you all might be aware, the class format currently available is on a private 1-1 basis. Moving forward, we are pleased to announce that we are coming up with semi-private sessions as well. So you now have the option of choosing to continue to attend private 1-1 sessions or the semi-private sessions.
Why & How does the semi-private sessions work?
  • These sessions give you the opportunity to meet up with other students and discuss project progress, tips etc. (this is different from the Clickety Click sessions that I mentioned previously.)
  • Personalized attention is not lost as the group size is kept to a minimum manageable number of no more than 6 (yes, so your booking may be rejected if there's already 6 students for that slot.)
  • These sessions are now available & ongoing -- see the various entries.
  • Semi-private sessions are organized by me. You as a student, just need to sms me your booking request. However, admission is by discretion. This is to ensure that our classes are optimized such that all participants in the class gets equal time allocation. As usual, you book when you need to.
  • Semi-private classes will commence as long as there's three (3) students signed up.
  • Currently, the scheduling of the semi-private sessions are held once a month -- that way, the lesson can wrap up by noon and everyone goes for lunch with their loved ones.
  • We'll look into setting up weekday evening sessions if there is demand; please let us know.
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