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Monday, July 21, 2014

Under the radar

By emy Monday, July 21, 2014
If you have been following our FB page, you would know that The Handiworks is still very much well and alive.

We are just bummed that time is just a scarcity these days (and it's not just us) and so FB posting just became the de-factor operandi until we get properly seated in front of the laptop to start cataloging photos and do some real writing.

Yes, we have been prodded by knitting needles of our customers asking when we are going to blog next. While the prodding don't hurt (seriously, it would be too wicked to think of using our knitting needles as weapons), we are genuinely thankful that our customers still love to read all about each others' new project adventures.

So in the meantime, we will rather swath ourselves and put on oversized sunnies like Joleena's stylish model does before we step out of the house!
hand knitted vareigated faux cabled lace summer shawl Sharing is sexy

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