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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Knitting & crochet on FB and blogbland

By emy Thursday, May 05, 2016
FB has taken over blog land for the last couple of years as it's often much easier to post a photo and write a short commentary; then say it's a post done. (You can find us here.)

But we do know that customers do look forward to an long quiet read; presumably to go along with the mindless zen knitting they have on hand. Although their words is that reading about the "behind the scenes" on why new customers wanna join us or the rationale of embarking on a specific project is far more appealing than the cursor short, sweet, simple post. 

To fill in the gaps since the last post in short, 
- Nothing's changed;
- We still conduct knitting & crochet lessons;
- Ladies in Singapore are still pretty excited and thrilled at the idea that we would wear these hand knits and crochet items in our hot weather.

- The only difference is that we have fewer previews than before. 

Now back to our regular scheduled knitting and crochet. I am sure many of you caught a glimpse of this gorgeous two tone crochet WIP in our recent FB posts. This is a project that was created by one of our long-time customer here at The Handiworks. 

Really long coz we have met before she married and now her kid is 3 years old! 

It has been languishing in the WIP basket for a long while as she has issues with the armhole fit when she was nearing completion back then. So it was time for a re-think as to how to the sleeves can be crocheted in such way that they will be re-adjusted for a proper fit.

We are crossing our fingers that the tweaking works! 

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