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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Resuming blogging soon...fingers and (toes) crossed

By emy Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Some of my customers have been bugging me to update this blog. They say they missed the fun and action -- I am no wordsmith but it sure feels nice to be appreciated. <grin>

You see, there has been lots of activities and action where the lessons of clicking needles are concerned. Or the previews that we organize monthly for new customers. Our facebook page has lots of yummy work in progress and FO photos to show for that.

Too much fun, too little time!

This blog got sidelined as it was easier to snap photos and then upload on the go. However, technology is improving each day so we should be able to revert back to blogging sometime soon...albeit slowly. Please be patient with us.

By the way, this blog is 8 years old now! So if you happen to see any broken links or missing pictures when you are clicking about, do let me know.
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