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Monday, February 06, 2012

A knitter's revelation

By emy Monday, February 06, 2012
When Katherine decided to join us, she did it with trepidation.

 It's not due to fear of the unknown, as she has been knitting for 2 years. But rather, she felt uncomfortable doing a transition from her ex-knitting instructor to us. So she's requested not to be photographed in person.

 The Singapore knitting market is so small that almost all the instructors do know of each others' presence. While some do get territorial with their customers; here at The Handiworks, we embrace an open attitude.

Teaching style is never a one size fits all. 
Customers are free to choose to pursue other options and decide which instructor's teaching methodology best works for them. There is no awkwardness when our customers decide to part ways and choose not to renew and then re-join or drop in for purchases subsequently.

Anyway, Katherine felt she was reaching a bottleneck under her previous knitting instructor. She was frustrated that the several garment projects she knitted ended up fairly shapeless even though she has requested for fitted silhouettes at the start of the project cast-ons. 

 Most of her visits to her earlier learning place was also limited as the knitting sessions are often large groups of varying skill levels -- there was inadequate instructor attention despite spending time waiting and was often left to her devices. 

She wanted a breakthrough.

She was pretty excited when she surfed the web and found us -- she didn't think that she would be able to find another instructor offered individual knitting classes. What appealed to her was that:
  • Our one-to-one private knitting lessons allows her to  accelerate or slow down the teaching pace as per her comfort level to maximize her learning. (Everyone hates to be in a group class and end up being either the one waiting for others, or trying to catch up with the rest of the class!)
  • Of course, the flexibility of arranging lessons at her own timings (aka on appointment basis) was a great plus point for her [No need to rush and dash or miss lessons unnecessarily!]
  • Finally, our customized shaping knitting methodology to fit her personally!

This is the first project she started when she signed up.
   knitting in the round lace top

Initially I was a little apprehensive as she wanted to work this project in the round as the key to proper fitting is ensuring consistent even tension. Turns out her tension is a little tighter than I would have liked but some swatching practice made her more aware of her knitting techniques and how that impacts the finished fabric.

This is especially important when it comes to cotton, linen or silk as they have less elasticity compared to wool.

  advance knitting lessons with cotton yarn

This project is coming along nicely, especially the bold scallops motifs at the bottom band. I simply adore the shade -- it's a pale jade green. (it's a lot more green hued in actual.)

And she already have the second project planned!
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