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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Knitting prep for a baby's arrival (part 4)

By emy Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The next project in line was a baby cardigan, right after the completion of the following:

Upon casting on and knitting for several inches, Jasmine was surprised to find the baby cardigan way larger than she preferred. She likened it to be more of a one-year-old sized top - it was 10 inches across. (Actually I have already narrowed it from the 12 inches indicated in the pattern.)

learn basic knitting in Singapore for babies

She argued that a newborn baby tee was just barely 6 inches wide -- she measured some baby clothes she had bought.

Unfortunately, that's the stock standard sizing that is widely used across most knitting magazines.

Well, they say the customer's always right.

Although I tried to explain to her that most moms would prefer a bigger and looser cardi for the ease of dressing the baby (given their limbs aren't as coordinated) and also for the baby to grow into subsequently to ensure longer wearability, she told me that she preferred it to be on size.

So it was a trip to the frog pond.

The snuggly worsted weight yarn worked up really quickly.

knitting baby cardigan lessons in Singapore

This should easily size up for toddlers and I think the pattern works well for little baby girls too!


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