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Friday, August 27, 2010

Having the knowledge to start your own knitting project

By emy Friday, August 27, 2010
Remember Melissa?

After that pale pink cardigan that she knitted for her sister, she decided to knit up another garment. This time, for herself.

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Having learnt how to:
  • swatch
  • re-gauge for yarn substitution
  • work out pattern set repeats needed
She figured she is confident enough to start a project on her own.  She decided that the yarn she used previously for her crochet tunic is such a delight so she opted for it again.

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All I did was help her to take her body measurements and dispensed some advice on some areas to look out for. And off she went.

She came back after several weeks with a WIP to show.

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Melissa felt really excited about being able to start out a new project on her own. I just loved the fact that she was so fearless. This is just one of those moments when I feel so satisfying being in the role of a knitting teacher (as some of the gals like to address me as), a knitting instructor or enabler -- to be able to advise and assist another new knitter to rise to greater heights in their quest of knitting. [Ok, I'll step down the soapbox and keep my emotions in check.]

To keep the task simple, she decided to knit lace pattern straight up without any shaping.  She figured that she would have me help her incorporate some shaping into the bust area later on but we were caught in a bind -- how do we transition the lace pattern so that the bust area remains modest?

You see, as much as she is a 20 something young adult, she prefers proper coverage without showing too much unnecessary skin. In fact, with the tunic she crocheted the last time, she would only wear it out with a spaghetti strap top (or a slip, for us 30somethings) underneath. Me? I just proudly wear my crochet lace tops out as is; likewise for my knitted tops.

So it is then decided that we would transition the lace pattern to plain stockinette for the upper bodice / bust area with a modest neckline.

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Isn't the final handknit lovely? We put this onto the mannequin once the loose tail ends are being tucked in. Once it's being washed, the tunic will smooth out and drape much better -- I should have just tugged the tunic into shape properly, now it's bothering me.

Nevertheless, this babydoll top will certainly get a lot of wear from Melissa.

Now that Melissa is away overseas for a good two years for studies, I hope the knitting and crochet knowledge she has acquired will keep her hands busy! Sharing is sexy

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