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Monday, June 08, 2009

Another blossoms!

By emy Monday, June 08, 2009
That's a tacky title, I know.

But it's not anywhere further from the truth. This top is called the Lotus Blossom from IK Spring/Summer issue 2006.

IK spring Summer 2006 Lotus Blossom handknit tank
(sorry for the lousy pictures, I am still slowly trying to re-DI the photos to make them decent.)

This is knitted & completed by Fonny in Dec 2007. And yes, there are still loads of photo backlogs so you will see all the lovely FOs by the ladies in the group.

If you can recall, Jenny also knitted this IK project piece up way back in 2007 (do scroll three-quarters through; it's a long post.)

On a side note, I am not sure if anyone else have this habit.

Whenever I see a nice FO, I would try to locate the source. I am always intrigued to see the original modelled garment or item as found in the magazine or pattern book to see if there's any major variation.
For starters, as a group, we are habitually into the act of altering the patterns to fit so the finished results do sometimes look slightly different -- like the one in the previous post.

There are also more extreme efforts where we lengthened tunics to make dresses, or eliminate sleeves entirely. That's my personal favourite exercise: short sleeves don't do much for me; I much rather go sleeveless. So at times, I love admiring others' FOs, it never ceases to be a surprise and delight session.

I'll try to put up a photo of the original magazine model so you can make comparisons. But you do know that it may take a while, won't you? [grin]
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