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Monday, February 23, 2009

Knitting and blogging experimentally....

By emy Monday, February 23, 2009
If you find that the formatting of the previous post has changed, you are absolutely right.
I tried to apply some html formatting (probably just old school plain logic stuff to others) but to me, that session has been quite challenging. Blogger didn't really want to accept my new changes and the tables went awry.
The photo layouts also resulted in some pain. But it's all worthwhile since I reckon I'll do better with subsequent ones.
Updated: Given the updated, upsized photos, I have decided to go with the standard formatting.

And speaking of experimentation and non-traditional colors....

Linda who is our experimentalist... decided to knit up a pair of sweaters for her twin boys. So we went into a self-design mode where we created a basic sweater construction with panels for cable insertions both on the main body and one of the sleeves.

two tone cabled sweater

She then spent time looking through cable patterns and selected this cable motif for one of them. Don't you just love the vibrant colour combination?

Here's a closeup of the cable.

cable close up

This other sweater is for the other twin boy. It's totally identical except for the cable. I love twins who dress up alike but I still love the fact that differing cable detailing shows their individuality. 

 knitted cabled sweater

Did I mention that Linda had the boys choose their favourite base colours too?
custom design hand knit two tone cabled sweater

This is how it looks when the sweater is all pieced together. Linda loved to use this yarn as her boys have very sensitive skin.

hand knit stripe baby sweater

This garment is hand knitted up by Sheryl for her baby boy [Ok, it's more like a little toddler's top...we wanted to factor for longer term wearability! Besides, babies these days are so much bigger in size!]

It took us a while to get everything ready as she was late into her pregnancy by then.

duplicate stitch bee on handknit sweater

There, did you see the little things up against the green line?

In case you are wondering, those are tiny little bees! I duplicate stitched one or two of those little ones onto the sweater, randomly around the whole sweater. Sheryl then went home to do the rest once she mastered the technique.

Aren't they cute?

hand duplicate bee motif

Duplicate stitch on handknits is not as hard as it seems. I just personally find that in order to do a great job, I usually have to ensure that I have a couple of things in place:

1. A quiet environment
2. A calm mind
3. No distractions or disruptions
4. A positive vibe

Without any of the above, my duplicate stitch moments often falls nothing short of perfection. It'll also mean that I have to rip back which is a major chore.

But I am sure everyone agrees that the outcome often makes the journey worthwhile! Sharing is sexy

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