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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When the PC dies...

By emy Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Everything grinds to a slow halt.

old PC

Perhaps this just goes to show how reliant most of us are on our gadgets (such as our mobile phones, our PCs/laptops) that we get agitated and a sense of loss when they go into overdrive, get misplaced or simply just goes into a peaceful death mode?

Well... the loss of my PC certainly hasn't dampened anyone's knitting spirit.

Group knitting class in Singapore

With plans of CNY in sight, some of the ladies busied themselves by casting on for new projects;

New project cast on

start new knitting project

Continue their existing project pieces;

knitting stripes

And most importantly, going to the finishing phase.

sewing knits together

As usual, we have quite a wide range of projects going on. Here's some:

Here's a to-be-dress.
knit summer dress

A tank to be worn in Singapore's weather.
knit summer tank

How about some crochet projects too?

toddler sphagetti strap top
crochet shrug

There's quite a number of finished projects too! I'll post them the next round. Sharing is sexy

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