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Friday, March 09, 2007

Everyone likes to knit for babies

By emy Friday, March 09, 2007
Whether it's for their own or for others. Take Yvette for example.

She started 2 projects last Dec to prepare to welcome her newborn.

baby summer knits

She'll now have to knit harder as her son has arrived -- she's given birth last month. Well, I hope the boy will make an appearance on the blog soon.

As for Louise, she also knitted a baby sweater for her dear friend's newborn.

baby stripes knit

Louise is keeping really busy. She's got quite a few projects on hand.

singapore beginner knitting

She obviously so loves ponchos; she has another in the making for her mom!

mom simple poncho

Leena also has a few baby projects lined up as gifts to her pregnant colleagues. She decided that she wants to knit small projects for a change and here's the first one she worked on.

baby knit tie top

I have to agree that baby projects are great gratifications and diversion from time to time! Sharing is sexy

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