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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yarns strewn all over!

By emy Tuesday, November 07, 2006
In a good way, of course!

Serene wanted to start a crochet shrug after seeing the various pieces that the other ladies have done. But of course, the criteria was more stringent.

singapore crochet thread

1. She decided to go with crochet thread so that the overall effect is more delicate.
2. She chose a pattern that is different.

singapore hand crochet project

Joanne is also very encouraged by all the crochet projects she has seen that she decided to join the foray.

singapore beginner learn crochet

A simple crochet project, it shall be -- for her very first attempt.

Her first knitting project is also moving along. She has decided to accelerate the finishing by eliminating the sleeves.

singapore beginner first knitting project

So we will be dealing with the armholes later.

If you think Joanne is content with the projects she has on hand, think again.

singapore learn knitting swatch

See this swatch?

She has started a top using this funky ribbony yarn. This project will be knitted in the round, or commonly known as circular knitting. So that means, no side seams.

Louise had some heart breaking news. When she brought her project on her Bali holiday trip to knit, some great disaster happened and she ended up ripping up more than she knitted.

And so she is back to rescue the work and move forward!

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