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Friday, September 22, 2006

Bustling with new projects

By emy Friday, September 22, 2006
Last week was full of project peeks.

Catherine came in and started knitting her tank, aptly named Cat.

And in just 3 days, she has made progress.

Joanne, on the other hand is so happy to have the baby top almost completed....ALMOST.

There are some seaming work to be done, along with some crochet. She handled them just fine. She's getting a kick out of finishing her second project faster than she's on the first.

Did I mention that she now intends to *chop* the sleeves and make the first cardi a vest now?! Talk about making a project go faster!

That's our fiesty knitty ladies for you [grin] -- typical of them to go altering the style as they go along.

Fonny came in with her new ribbon yarn project. Only to have my eagle-eyes zooming right onto a cable crossing that got mis-aligned 2 repeats down -- we're talking 12 rows, ladies!

Panic set in for Fonny upon realization but all is well after I showed how the mistake can be easily corrected. Since it is her work, she'll have the honour of fixing it too! [Note: this is to be done with supervision unless you risk unravelling the entire work which is knitted circularly.]

After that mini saga, she decided to go into knitters' favorite hobby.

Checking out pattern books!

See that *mermaid* languishing in the background? That's Esther.

Fonny also resumed progress her crochet project. This has been a real challenge for her of late as the shaping goes circularly and also in ovals; making crochet stitch tracking a real challenge.

That's why you can see Fonny furrowing her brows in concentration.

Leena, our Speed Goddess has a boatload of WIPs. Want some proof?

There's a bag, a pair of slippers, a tunic dress and a tank top.
All these in her handy dandy knitting bag. (Actually her mom's cardi too!)

She wants to let you all know she's 30+ rows into her tunic dress!

That's no mean feat, considering this is the first time she's getting acquainted with a Sandra pattern. Not to mention the amount of ripping she had to go through.

This one takes the cake. Recalculations for the shaping is required as the row gauge plays a vital role here. Let's see if this one goes well.

If you think Leena is overwhelmed by the number of projects she has on hand, think again!


Our Speed Goddess is attempting her very first pair of socks! Lace ones too!

I think I really need to get the tracker out to keep tab of the number of projects she has to date!
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