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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Breakfast Meetup -- now rescheduled to 23 Sep! (and with more details)

By emy Thursday, August 31, 2006
This event is over but photo commentary is available.
Check out who came & participated in the show-n-tell.
Yes, with our most sincere apologies. We'll be rescheduling The Handiworks Breakfast Meetup to 23 Sep 2006 instead.

What: The Handiworks Breakfast Meetup (Event I)
: Sep 09, 23 Sep 2006 (Saturday), 10.30am - 12.30pm
Where: My residence in AMK
Who: Newbies /knitters/ crocheters/ those considering to knit & crochet

Admission: S$8 payable (A hot beverage, cakes & cookies will be provided. Each participant also receives a goodie bag.)
For more details, please read:
http://thehandiworks.blogspot.com/2006/08/wanna-join-us-for-handiworks-breakfast.html. We're giving away Clickety Click Points & Knitting Trial Sessions!

Interested? Drop me an email with your name, mobile # to register now as places are limited.

For the first 23 attendance confirmations with payment, your S$8 admission fee will be made fully redeemable against any min. S$50 yarn purchases or package bookings done that day. How does that sound to you?
Question: "I would just like to go for a look so that I can decide if knitting is for me.
Do I still have to pay admission?"
Yes, we anticipated that some of you would ask so we have made that option available for you. If you go through the list below and you still have your mind made up; we respect it too! [smile]

Reasons for not wanting to pay admission
1. Not wanting to join us for breakfast
You don't take breakfast? Ok, can we then chitchat instead? I am nice, so are other knitters. [smile])

2. Not keen in learning about yarns & substitutions effects

3. Not interested in the Yarn Lab
Are you sure you are able to resist not seeing the yet-to-be-available in Singapore yarns...?

4. Not wanting the goodie bag
This is our first event so if we can garner enough interest for future events, I'll try to get more sponsorship ok? [grin]

5. More importantly, not being able to participate in the lucky draws where we're giving away Clickety Click Points & Knitting Trial Sessions?
Don't worry, you're not obliged to buy anything -- we want you to have a fun experience. This event is organized as first of its kind to hopefully create more exposure amongst knitters and bring about awareness of the yarns available in the market.

6. Can't attend the morning as I'm busy!

Definitely understandable...that's why we have rescheduled the event so that more people can accomodate the date.
But we certainly do want you to come see these not-to-be-missed garments (they are going to be returned to the yarn companies in a month's time) so what are you waiting for? Simply email us to confirm your seat.
===============================================What: The Handiworks Trunk Show Preview (Event II)When: 23 Sep 2006 (Saturday), 1.00pm - 2.00pmWhere: My residence in AMK
Admission: No charge


Please remember, when sending your email to us at handworks@gmail.com , please clearly indicate your name & contact number as well as the Event Option you wish to attend:

Event I: The Breakfast Meetup (S$8 admission fee applies; eligible for Lucky Draw Participation)** you can also stay on longer into the afternoon if you wish to take your time to savour the yarn experience.

Option 2: Trunk Show Preview only (no admission fee)
By the way, if you do have friends or colleagues who have taken an interest to knitting & just want to drop by for a look, they're more than welcome! Please do indicate how many friends are coming along with you.

In short, as long as this event is a success, we have all the more reasons to organize such events in the future! So please support the local knitting scene here in Singapore!
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