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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Slowly and readily

By emy Wednesday, June 28, 2006
The group lessons have been ongoing for some time and we're all having more and more fun. With Chai Bee and Sheen away on their holidays; we are just as determined to have our own share of fun!

Just last week, prior to the start of the lesson, Leena and I went to my favorite chicken rice stall for lunch.

Jenny came over once she has dropped her kids at their cousin's. And of course she has to do this:

She had to show us that new bag she just bought -- see that one in the background? It's just ideal for us furtive knitters, since we often have multiple projects on the go! It's so roomy and cheery!

And of course, Jenny had to crochet something to match her new bag...that little thing she's working on.

Which turns out to be a cute little coin purse!

Like it?

She even lined the inside too!

By the way, Leena is now officially known as the *Hat girl* here at The Handiworks!

This is her second crocheted beret. Wanna see the unique feature?

Love all the squares!

In fact, Leena is so hooked (metaphorically and literally [grin]) that a third piece is being started -- this time for her fiance dearest. Who says knitters are selfish?

And of course, Leena has to cast on a new project for herself too in that ooh-so-gorgeous yarn that's just newly arrived! Apart from working on her current projects, the new cast on will surely be a distraction because the big guage just speeds up everything!

By the time Leena has worked on it for about an hour, she's gotten 2 inches of work done!

Esther also got into the act too by working on a baby top for her little girl. Delightfully fluffy and fast-going in the same yarn too.

If you think we have been a bit under the radar, check out the various project yarns that are piling up!

We have the following projects in the pipeline:

- a dress
- a spaghetti top
- 2 tank tops
- a long sleeved top
- a shrug

How exciting!

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