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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never seen before FO

By emy Tuesday, July 24, 2012
...On this blog, that is. 

Sorry for the silence. We've been having way too much fun making new friends and whipping up fantastic projects!

Often, we blog way too much about the starts, the journeys and miss out the critical finished project photos.

Here's one knitted and modelled by Chai Bee.

SG wide neck simple knitted top

She started knitting this top back in 2007 and completed it with the same year. However I never saw the completed version.

Anyway, Chai Bee kindly shared the photo of this wide neck top.

The shape is very simple yet flattering. I just love how the piece shows the arms but yet provides some coverage around the shoulders.

This tunic blouse is knitted from a ladder yarn and thus has a very cushy textured feel.  It was a pretty straight forward piece but we bet you wouldn't have thought it would look this gorgeous when you looked at the WIP photos!

And if you are wondering, there are still tons of FOs that is yet to be published! 
Until the next time....

PS. My friends suggested that I should have cameras set up in 2-3 corners of the room with remote features so that I don't have to fiddle with the cameras while I am teaching. I really should consider that! LOL

PPS. There has been several inquiries from customers who are keen to sign up with us. Please note that we are fully lined up for the month of July (we run on very limited capacities) and we will open up registrations when our August previews are setup -- do look out for the dates! Sharing is sexy

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