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Friday, January 07, 2011

Lacing up 2010 - a knitted FO

By emy Friday, January 07, 2011
The last few weeks of 2010 has been hectic.

There has been a surge of lesson requests as customers tried to speed up their knitting/crochet pace for projects that are intended for Christmas gifting.

Some of the ladies wanted quick and hassle-free projects. We got onto the trails of an interesting yarn that works up beautifully and yet quickly.

knitting ruffles scarf in singapore

This yarn is really a strip of variegated mesh of sorts. And to get the ruffles scarf going, it's just really all plain knit stitches; nothing else!

Esther wouldn't believe when we tried telling her how easy and fast working with this yarn is. But she was sold when she brought it back home. Her yarn is a different colour scheme compared to Jenny's chosen black/grey/white above.

lace knitting scarf class

Pardon the photography. As sunlight was streaming into the room, I decided to take photos both with and without flashlight.

All that gorgeous looking light-as-air scarf just simply uses a ball of yarn! And so it's very much an instant gratification project for last minute gifting as well as a perk-me-up when the usual knitting/crochet projects go way too slow.

The best part: It's also great as a beginner knitting project! Woo hoo!

The ladies are pleased. So am I! Sharing is sexy

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