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Monday, December 06, 2010

New customer's first knitting project

By emy Monday, December 06, 2010
Does any of you regular bloggers have any tips on how you can manage daily blogging?

I just have to discipline myself to plug in the camera and upload the photos weekly. At the moment, it's more like uploading once every 3 weeks or so. There are so many photos of WIPs (works in progress) as well as finished projects.

In fact, we often joke about how the ladies are knitting and crocheting way faster than I blog.

In this case, our new customer Yanwei knitted up her first project pretty quickly.

simple beginner knitting scarf project course PA Singapore

It only took 3 balls of yarn in total.

She undid and redid the starting section several times as she found herself increasing stitches on one side. But she managed to figure out how the mistake was created and thus, able to proceed properly.

Rather than to knit up a standard repeat pattern, Yanwei opted for a randomly striped pattern to use up all the yarn she has on hand.

Isn't it cool?

Next project: a tank top.

beginner knitting lesson singapore

Edited to add:

PS: At customer's request, we have added an additional preview session -- it will be held this Friday, 10 Dec @ 1PM. Please email us with your name and mobile contact number if you would like to attend.
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