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Monday, November 22, 2010

Just buying knitting materials please?

By emy Monday, November 22, 2010
Occasionally, we do receive email requests from customers who would like to know if we have a shop front location and how they can purchase yarn or knitting related materials from us.

If you have been one of them, you would most likely receive the following reply from us:

A. "Our business is home-based."
B. "Could you please advise what materials you are looking for as well as your tentative budget?"

Now, I am sure some of you may find it annoying that we sound interrogative but honestly, there's a reason.

As we do not operate a store (see reason A), the range we carry is perhaps more limited.

With regards to requesting for your budget -- if you have been following our blog for a while, you'll realize we've always emphasized how important it is to use good quality materials  (machine washable and no piling yarns, for example) -- that means our stocks are relatively higher priced compared to those you get in Spotlight or regular craft stores as our yarns for knitting and crochet are primarily used for producing long lasting garments. [Do read this article: why we handknit a sweater as a gift rather than to buy off the rack -- an article I wrote back in Dec 2006 but still extremely relevant!]

PS: I knitted this top back in July 2006 and it features as a key staple in my wardrobe for the last 4 years and the yarns are still in excellent shape, save for the fading since I do sun my laundry, as opposed to drying this in the shade. The ladies can attest to this.

As a sidenote: Of course, we do understand that not all customers carry the same belief but in our case, we believe in having wearable garments that can last for several years with just regular laundry care. That's why we always extend the invitation for customers to come in for the preview to touch and feel not just the yarns but any finished projects that we may have on hand (yes, I do knit full garments, wash and wear them wherever possible with yarns we stock; not just sampler squares that do not get a dip in the washer pool.)


In fact, we do have ex-customers coming back to us occasionally with the sole purpose of yarn purchasing for their projects. Never mind if they are not current students enrolled under our knitting/crochet program.

Francisca is one example. She called me last Friday and told me she is intending to knit up a project for a dear friend who will be travelling in two weeks' time and asked if I could help.

She came in that evening and we quickly decided that a scarf would fit the bill (no, she don't think her friend would care for a beanie). Once we nailed down the pattern and the yarn, she got down to knitting.

There was a slight hiccup -- this lady really loves her yarns need neat so a yarn switch was called upon. But she's soon happily knitting it up.

knitting cabled scarf pattern singapore

We adapted the pattern a little -- rather than to go for an all-over cabled pattern, I suggested to her that she could transition to a simple ribbed pattern in the middle section to make the knitting go faster.

The result -- she's got one quarter of the scarf done within a day and so this means the scarf should well be completed within a week (well within her deadline), unless something major happens!


The rationale behind the need for your name and a mobile contact number:
Just as you as a customer would be concerned about stepping into a stranger's house, we hope you would understand our need for some basic information before making arrangements for welcoming you into our home. 

Having a basic record of your name as well as a mobile contact number is crucial to facilitating the visit. Occasionally we would also call new customers for a quick chat to understand your requirements prior to the preview or the materials purchase visit. If you would rather not provide your details nor answer our calls, then please pardon us for not being able to accommodate your request for our address.

Oh, and just as I do clarify every so often, we only accept female students.


PS. Even if we don't blog as regularly, knitting and crochet activities are still on-going. So if you have any queries pertaining to joining us for our complimentary previews (see header), please just email us. Don't forget we still have a few complimentary preview sessions going on so do sign up if you are keen. Sharing is sexy

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