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Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome back to The Handiworks!

By emy Monday, October 18, 2010
Jill, who have been with us for a year plus took a 6 month hiatus Sep last year, decided to join us sometime Q2 this year. Welcome back, Jill!

[Actually the sabbatical break and then re-joining gig has been happening of late so we do get returning customers from time to time.]

berry stitch advanced knitting course singapore

This project was put on hold for a while -- it was from a Vogue Knitting issue where this project is on the cover.

knitting cables and berries

She came back with a vengeance -- in fact the progress for this piece is relatively fast for someone who has taken a 6 month break.

Bet you want to see the stitch close up!

knitted berry st

The texture of the linen yarn softens the stitch and adds a rustic dimension to the overall garment.

hand knitting  garment service singapore 

Is the garment done? Not quite. It's a short sleeved project so we're awaiting the sleeves to come into the picture!

I am so excited!
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