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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garments for men - big and little

By emy Wednesday, September 22, 2010
When it comes to projects for guys, usually the items that comes to mind are:
  • garments: sweaters, vests etc
  • accessories: scarves, socks etc
  • headgear: caps or berets etc

And it's very rare that the men themselves initiate the request for handknits. When they do, the request is often rather quickly accepted and obliged.

Take Chai Bee for example. When her younger brother complained of the cold from the blasting airconditioning in the office, she got down to a vest project immediately.

knitting men cotton cabled vest singapore

simple cable knitting class singapore

Usually for adults, the patterns are kept to a minimal. Most Singaporean men just do not like having too much details on their handknits -- that's from my observation and years of knitting.

On the other hand, knitting for little guys are different. If it's someone close, like family, chances are you get to knit at least more than once.

complex cables singapore

In Karen's case, she was knitting up a second vest for her eldest son as he's almost outgrowing his first. Since it's for her school going son, not only can she use large cables, she gets to knit all over ribbing creating a highly textured vest!

hoodie vest singapore

In fact, we're also integrating a hoodie to go along with it!

I heard her son is loving this handknit -- she brought him along to choose his own project yarn and color too. That way, I also had a chance to take his measurements since not all kids are built alike -- some are lanky, some are robustly built etc.

Mercedes decided a baby headgear works best as she has no inkling how big her baby son would be. Besides, time was running a little tight.

crochet toddler visor cap lesson singapore

So a baby visor cap it shall be -- this is WIP photo sans the visor. Adorable huh?

PS. For those of you who are considering to knit or crochet for your loved ones for Christmas, you might want to consider starting your lessons or your projects soon! It's just 90+ days away! Trust me, you will appreciate having the lead time. :) Sharing is sexy

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